Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 8, 2014

See what we're learning.
Talk and share with your child about the day.
Review and give extra help and practice if needed.

Today in First Grade

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Today we practiced the two sounds of y when it is at the end of a word.  If it is the only vowel in the word, then it makes the long "i" sound.   If it is not the only vowel in the word, then it says the long "e" sound.  We always work on learning the meaning of new words, too.

Reading Groups:

Group A:    Sebastian

Group B:    Floating and Sinking      Gorillas

Group C:    The Weather Forecast      Betty Boots


We are doing more graphs and charts on worksheets.  They are filling in their own tally charts.

After lunch we did a word play, spelling words, and talked about comprehension and how to find the answers to questions by looking in the text of the story.

Then we talked about things they had asked questions about during their reading.  To answer some of those questions, I showed internet pictures and movies about tornadoes and hurricanes. 

Then we watched a video about the stages and life cycles of insects.

Tomorrow we are going on a field trip to watch a production of "The Pirates of Penzance."  I hope the children enjoy it.

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