Monday, April 21, 2014

April 21, 2014

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Today in First Grade


Today we started talking about multi-syllable words.  We talked about syllables and how to tell what sounds vowels make within most syllables in order to read large words.  We started with words that have one consonant following the first vowel.  In these words the consonant usually goes with the next vowel, leaving the first vowel alone to make the long sound.

Reading Groups:

Group A:      The Fox and the Crow

Group B:       Machines That Fly       Roads and Bridges

Group C:       Astronauts in Space      Sebastian Tidies Up


We went into greater depth and detail about three-dimensional shapes.  We learned their names, characteristics, number of vertices and flat sides, sorted them, and had a discussion about parallel lines.  We even tried drawing a few.

After lunch we read books, computer lab, PE, and spelling practice.   We also watched a "Bill Nye the Science Guy" movie about the sun.  We ended the day by practicing writing sentences.

We may do a lot of repeating all of this tomorrow.  We had so many children gone today, who did not return after the Spring Break, that I will have to reteach almost everything I taught today.

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  1. Thanks Wendy, Your class is doing so well! Great Job!