Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 2, 2014

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Today in First Grade


Since the beginning of the year I have been telling the children to think of double o as being a ghost looking at you.  So you think, What does a ghost say?   OOOOOOOOO."  By thinking that they are able to figure out the word.  Well, now we are learning that the  oo  actually makes two sounds (though the ghost sound still works to help them figure out words.)  There is the sound as in the word look, and the sound as in the word zoo.  So we practiced those two sounds today.

Reading Groups:

Group A:      Socks Off

Group B:      Heather's Book

Group C:      Staying Alive       The Lonely Troll


We are doing lots of work with graphs.  The graphs are drawn on our worksheets and are rather complicated to draw on the board.  Learning to use the words "more, most, fewer, and fewest," is such a hard concept for them to get.   Those things are found by taking away the same part (whether in a math equation or looking at the graph.)

After lunch we read a story together as a class.  We read about a veterinarian that works at an animal shelter.  The kids always like our read together stories.

It was early out.

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