Monday, March 17, 2014

March 17, 2014

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Today in First Grade


Today we began talking about special vowel combination sounds.  We started with "au" and  "aw".   "Au" and "aw" both make the same sound.  They say the short o sound.  Remember that the "a" usually makes the short o sound when it is in front of an r, o l, u, or is on either side of w.   So how do you know which one of "au" or "aw" to use in a word.  You don't always know, but there is a strong clue.  "Aw" wants to be at the end of the word.  So it will always be the one to use when the sound is at the end.  It can also have one sound after it.  "Au" is closer to the front of the word.  So it will have at least one sound after it, and usually two or more sounds after it.

Reading Groups:

Group A:    Where Does the Water Go?

Group B:     The Giant Gingerbread Man      The World's Largest Baby

Group A:     Maybe I Could        Insects


We started a new unit today.  We started talking about measurement.  So we will be learning length and time on the clock --to the hour and half hour.

After lunch we read books, had computer time, and PE.  Then we did a little more of our math and practiced our new spelling words.

Spelling Words:

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