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March 11, 2014

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Today in First Grade


Today we did words with "dge" and talked about how the "d" blends-in so well that you can't really hear it.  (Like how the "t" blends in with the "ch" on the "tch" words we studied yesterday.)


Two bracelets, each having eight round beads and four square beads.  How many beads in all?

There are 14 red flowers.  There are 8 more pink flowers than red flowers.  How many flowers in all?

 There are 48 geese in the field and 17 geese in the sky.  How many in all?

When we add numbers, we must be careful to sort the parts of the sum into the correct place values.  Ones go into the ones' place, tens go into the tens' place, hundreds go into the hundreds' place, etc.  
We must put the ones with the other ones in the ones'  column and the tens with the other tens in the tens' column.   We have places to put them and cannot mix them up.  

Spelling words:

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