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February 20, 2014

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Today in First Grade

It has been a few days since I posted.  I have been sick and the children have had a substitute.  I was back today.

Also, since the Olympics started, we have been watching short videos each morning about different components of the competitions; from bobsled, to free-form skiing, to figure skating.  We are also helping the 2nd and 3rd grade put gold, silver, and bronze metals up on a bulletin board.


We worked on taking contractions apart to make the two words the contrition is made of.

Reading Groups:

Group A:     Fishing

Group B:     Mapping North America

Group C:     Beaks and Feet       Sooty


We have started a new unit.  we will now be learning two-digit addition and subtraction.

First we talked about what a digit is.  Digits are the symbols 0-9.  They change their value depending on where they are placed in a number.  We talked about how to make numbers by putting digits into places of special values.  We can add or subtract easily if we line up the places of value with the same places of values in other numbers.

We have been using the word columns all year long for various things.  Today we talked about what a column on an old Greece or Roman building was and how its shape indicates the shape we are using in other things when we use the word column, like in calendars or math.  I showed them how we pile digits up in columns of ones, tens, hundreds, thousands, etc...   I then gave them a demonstration of how confusing it is when we do not put our digits in nice neat columns.

I demonstrated how valuable columns of place value are for addition.   And it is useful to find tens to move them over to the next column and write at the bottom who many are left.

In the afternoon we read more books, did a word play, watched some animals movies and practiced our week's spelling words.


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