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February 11, 2014

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Today in First Grade


Today we started murmur diphthongs (R-controlled vowels).  We started with "ar."  The children already know about r-controlled vowels because we talk about them all the time as they are reading, to help them figure out words.  However, now we are finally to the actual lessons and practice for them.

Reading Groups:

Group A:   Alphabet Party

Group B:    Weather

Group C:    Heat    Amazing Magnets


Yesterday we found the greater (larger) number.  Today we practiced finding the lesser (smaller) number.  We have to look at the tens first to find which is lesser or greater.  If the tens are the same, then we look at the ones.

In the afternoon we read books and then we finished the long reading part of our reading test.  As a reward for all the effort they put into do the reading test, we watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy movie about "Time."  We closed the day with practicing our spelling words.

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