Thursday, January 23, 2014

January 23, 2014

See what we're learning.
Talk and share with your child about the day.
Review and give extra help and practice if needed.

Today in First Grade


We practiced decoding words from all five phonetic skills that we have learned so far.  (one guarding consonant,  two guarding consonants,  only one vowel with no guarding consonants,  a quiet e on the end,  and  adjacent vowels)  We are also practicing putting endings like  ing,  ed, er, and  est  onto words.

Reading Groups:

Group A:   Mighty Machines

Group B:   Gymnastics

Group C:   Reptiles


We have been practicing two things.  1-  How number patterns go together when counting up to 100 or more, especially when seen on a hundred board. 

So we have been practicing figuring out the missing numbers by looking at the other numbers and figuring out the pattern to find the missing numbers.

And 2- We are also practicing representing numbers in tens and ones.

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