Tuesday, December 10, 2013

December 10, 2013

See what we're learning.
Talk and share with your child about the day.
Review and give extra help and practice if needed.

Today in First Grade


We practiced more words ending with e.

Reading Groups:

Reading Group A:   Signs

Reading Group B:   Sharks

Reading Group C:   Lizard's Tail       The Monster Under My Bed


We talked about two good uses for using related facts.

We can use them to check to see if our answers are correct.  Whatever math fact we use, we can us a related fact of a different action.  In other words, if it is subtraction, we check with a related math fact of addition.  If it is an equation of addition, we can check by using a related fact of subtraction.

We can also use a related fact to help us find a missing number that is difficult to find.  We can us a related fact that is easier to find the missing number.

Our Field Trip:

Here we decorate the Christmas tree at the power company.

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