Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5, 2013

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Today in First Grade


Today we did three-lestter S blends:  scr, apr, str, spl, and squ.

Reading Groups:

Group A:         Dinosaur Time    Tickling

Group B:         The Pond         Tadpoles

Group C:         People Who Help         Mighty Machines     Maps


Yesterday we used dots and ten frames to make a ten and add the leftover part.   Today we tried to do it without the dots and the ten frames in order to do it with just the numbers.  First we should find the largest addend.  Then decide how much that addend needs to make a ten.  Take that much off the other addend and give it to the first addend to make the ten.  Then add the ten we made to what is left of the other addend. Example:   9 + 7 -- The nine needs 1 to become a ten.  So take 1 off the seven to have six.  Then give the 1 to the nine to make ten.  Now you have 10 + 6.  So the answer is 16.  (Except when one of the addends is a five it is really good to make another five to have double fives.  So 5 + 7 should be changed to 5 + 5 + 2,  and then to 10 + 2,  and then to 12.)
The class was really having a difficult time.  We will stay on it for a few more days and keep practicing until most of the class understands and can do it.  So we will do it more tomorrow. 

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