Monday, November 4, 2013

November 4, 2013

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Today in First Grade


Today we practiced S blends.  We especially practiced putting S blends at the end of words, not just the beginning, such as best, post, bask, task, cost and toast.  We also did words that have two blends in them (one at the front and one at the end) such as flask, crust, and twist.

Reading Groups:

Group A:       Birthday Cakes

Group B:        I Work at Night        Shut the Gate

Group C:        Going Shopping       The Lost Mother


Today we added numbers together that made more than 10.  We added them together by taking some away from one number to give it to the other number to make a magic 10 for easier adding.

When we are adding 9 to a number, we take one off the other number to turn the 9 into a magic 10.  So the 9 turns into a 10 and the other number tuns into one-less than whatever it was.

However, if we already have a magic 10, then we just add to the 10.

If we are adding to 8, then it takes 2 to turn an 8 into a magic 10.  So we take 2 off of the other number, add the 2 to the 8, and we then have a 10 and add the other number, which is now 2 less since you took 2 off to turn the 8 into a 10.

If we are adding to a 7, then it takes 3 to turn a 7 into a magic ten.  After we give the 3 to the seven, we then have ten and 3 less than the other number.

This morning we observed that most of the leaves are gone from the trees.
You all know it snowed today.  It was quite exciting for the kids to see the first snowfall of the year.

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