Monday, November 11, 2013

November 11, 2013

See what we're learning.
Talk and share with your child about the day.
Review and give extra help and practice if needed.

Today in First Grade


We did more practice on skill #1-- When a single vowel is followed by a consonant, the vowel will say the short sound.  We check under the word going right.  Then we check for what is at the end.  Then we check along the top going to the left.

Reading Groups:

Group A:   Making Butter

Group B:   Making Lunch

Group C:   The House That Stood on Booker Hill


First we reviewed and practiced what we learned last week.

The new concept that we worked on today was about doing story problems.
First, you have to read it carefully.
Second, you have to find the information in it that is needed.
Third, you have to be able to put that information into an equation that fits what the story is saying.
Fourth, you have to solve for the answer.

Here are this week's spelling words and last week's spelling words.
Last week's are on the left.  This week's are on the right.

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