Thursday, October 31, 2013

October 31, 2013

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Review and give extra help and practice if needed.

Today in First Grade

We didn't have as much time doing phonics today as usual because we were running a little late.  We had worked on a little unfinished math work, talked about the fun they had at the Halloween carnival last night, and I gave a lecture and demonstration about the importance of how to take care of the books in the book case so they don't get all shoved into each other and ruined.


We practiced some sw blend words.   We found a word where the w changes the a to short o sound (swan) and a word where it does not change the a to a short o sound (swam).

Reading Groups:

Group A:        The Goat

Group B:         What Lays Eggs

Group C:         Flags Flying       Pants on My Plate     Seeds Grow Into Plants


We talked about a lot of good stuff in math today.  First, we talked about how important place values is when we are adding.  I showed them how to line up the place values when writing vertical math problems.  And I talked about how valuable working in tens is when adding or subtracting.  (The strange equations of 25+ 25 + 1 is from our beginning the day work.  Today was the fifty-first day of school.  Using our paper money on the board, that is two quarters and a penny.  The equation is also half of our hundred chart + 1.  The 11 + 11 is because I was helping some children learn how to do that math fact from our doubles practice paper first thing in the morning.  So I used these two examples to demonstrate the importance of lining up the place values and being neat.)  

Our real math lesson was a review of all the math fact strategies I have taught them so far.

I wrote the strategies on the board one at a time.  We talked about and practiced each one.  Then we did some work sheet that helped us practice and review many of them.  I thought our math program had some good work pages for reviewing them.

After lunch we read books, did word play, and practiced our spelling words.

Then we took some time to practice one of the math fact strategies that is not covered very much in our math program, -- which I think is really important.  I think learning to make five and learning to make ten is essential.  So after our spelling test practice, I put this big math problem on the board and asked the students if they would be able to add this up.  They were blown away by how hard it looked.  

Then I told them that we were going to use our magic ten to make it really easy.  I asked them if they saw any numbers in this column that could be put together to make ten.  They became very excited and found lots of numbers.  We crossed them off and hooked them together to make ten.  Then we put the left overs neatly under the column in the ones' place and counted up the tens to put them neatly in the tens' place.

At the beginning, I gave them strips of paper to copy the problem and follow along.  Here are some of their papers.

They really had fun with magic ten.  Though we had practiced making ten long ago when we were finding all the ways to make numbers, I wanted them to practice making ten before we start the next section of math tomorrow.  The next section is adding to make ten and extra.

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