Tuesday, October 29, 2013

October 29, 2013

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Review and give extra help and practice if needed.

Today in First Grade


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We reviewed the letters that double at the end of one-syllable, short-vowel words.  (ZZ, SS, FF, and LL)  Then we put an emphasis on talking about the double L words.  We remembered that there are letters that usually make the   a   do the sound of the short O.  The letters are w, u, r, and l.  So L often, though not always, makes  a   say the short O sound.  Most of the time, when there is an ol sound, it will be al.  If there are two L's, or one L, or a silent L, it will usually make the   a   say the short o sound. 

Reading Groups:

Group A:     The Mailbox

Group B:     What's That Noise?      

Group C:      Springs       Pasta


We really focused on math a lot today.  We worked on it three different times during the day: first thing in the morning, regular math time, and a common math time in the afternoon.  We put a big push into understanding doubles plus one and then moved on and taught doubles minus one.  We did several worksheets and papers.  Here are some different ways we did some problems together to help the children have different ways to visualize what this concept is about.  

First we practiced and reviewed doubles plus one.

Then we started talking about how to see and use doubles by subtracting one from the sum.

Sometimes it helps to envision that you are temporarily adding one to make a double.  Then, after you have found the sum of the double,  you have to remove the one you temporarily added.

So, to sum it up... Doubles plus one uses the smaller number to make the double and then has to add 1 more to make up for the difference of the bigger number.  And doubles minus 1 is using the bigger number to make a double and then having to subtract one to make up for the fact that one of the numbers was one less than the number used in the double.

Then we talked about how they could use either method they wanted.  Whether they liked to use doubles plus one, or doubles minus one, or used them both at different times was up to them, as long as they understood how to do them.  We did a couple worksheets that let the children choose for themselves which way they wanted to use doubles.  

I am finally feeling like the majority of the class is starting to get the idea.  We will certainly have to keep working in it throughout the year. 

Word Play:

During our word play we were making the words other and brother.  I had to remind them about the r-controled vowels: ir, ur, er and yr.  I reminded them that they all make the same sound (ur) and that they are hard to hear, especially at the end of a word.  

As we left at the end of the day, excitement was high about the Halloween carnival and Halloween coming up.

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