Thursday, September 5, 2013

September 5, 2013

Today in First Grade


In phonics we learned about sentences and practiced writing sentences.  Writing sentences was very hard, to varying degrees, for every child in the class.  Learning what a sentence is and how to write one is a very hard concept for first graders.  We will work on making and punctuating sentences all year long.

Reading Groups

A--   Reviewed yesterday's books and then read-   Painting
We talked about ing on the end of word, the sound of aw, and compound words.

B--   Reviewed yesterday's books and then read-    Playing Ball    and      On My Head
We talked about the changing sounds of ea, how a double letter like cc or bb can block vowels so the first one says the short sound.

C--   Reviewed yesterday's books and then read-   The Migration   Our Heroes    Rain   
We talked about what a migration is and who might migrate.  We talked about heroes and studied the word monument and talked about what a monument is.


We continued using markers that could be changed from red to yellow in order to discover ways to make numbers.  We did the numbers 7-10.  We watched the turn around facts, and saw that half of the ways to make the numbers were turn around facts.  We saw which numbers could be made with a set of doubles.  Those numbers could be shared evenly so they were the even numbers.  We saw that the even numbers and odd numbers made a pattern.


Last week we talked about the earth and moon.  We continued that conversation again.  We talked about where they are, their related size to each other, and what gravity is and how size changes gravity.  We mentioned that the moon's gravity pulls the water in the oceans to make tides.  We talked about the bubble of air the earth is in, which we call the atmosphere.   We talked about how plants make the air we need to breath.  We also discussed how the atmosphere keeps us safe by burning up rocks that could crash down on our planet, called meteors (also known as falling stars.)  We compared how the earth and moon are the same and how they are different.  The moon has no water or plants and so has no bubble of air around it for breathing or for protecting it from falling space rocks.  Some students didn't know what rockets or astronauts were, so we looked at some pictures of them on the internet.  We also saw some pictures showing the atmosphere from space.

When finished, we tried to write our own sentences about things we learned about the earth and the moon. 

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