Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September 4, 2013

Today in First Grade

Yesterday all the children in first grade were given the DIBELS evaluation to see how well they can read letter sounds and recognize sounds they hear in words.  

Phonics: We practiced the vowel Ee, how to hear it, say it, write it.  We made words with the letter e.


Group A read -- What's for Dinner      What's This, What's That
We talked about the contraction that makes "what is" turn into "what's."

Group B read --  Making Music,  My Dinner,   Fishbowl
We worked on the contraction "here's"  and how the ow sometimes makes the long O sound.

Group C read: --  To the Ocean      Taking Care of Dogs
We worked on the contraction "that's,"
and talked about how all water (except water from the Dead Sea and The Great Salt Lake) all travels back to the ocean.


Previously we have discussed how adding 0 to any number makes it stay the same.  That is called the identity property of addition.  We have discussed turn around facts -- how 2+4=6 is the same as 4+2=6 with the sum staying the same and the addends changing places.  That is called the commutative property of addition.  Today we reviewed those two topics and have begun working on the concept that numbers can be made by adding different numbers together.  We looked at how half of the ways to make a number are turn-around facts from the other half.   We noticed how even numbers have a set of doubles that make the number.  We also noticed that for each number there are that many + 1 ways to make the number, since it includes using 0. (So there are 7 ways to make 6, using two addends.)  If you can notice the r and y up at the top of each set of numbers, you can see how the children were using markers that they could change from red to yellow as we made each number.   Tomorrow we will continue this for some higher numbers.

Spelling words for this week are:

This was Wednesday, so it was early out.

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