Friday, September 27, 2013

September 27, 2013

See what we're learning.
Talk and share with your child about the day.
Review and give extra help and practice if needed.

Today in First Grade

Today was mostly a review day.

This morning we attempted to do the computer programs.  It will take practice for all of us to learn how to run the computer system and make this work right for 20 children at once.


Today was a review day.  We reviewed what we had learned so far.  The next big thing we will be learning is the C & K rules.  We have talked about the c and k a lot so far this year, but we will soon be having our official lessons about them next week.  

Reading Groups:

Group A:     School Then and Now

Group B:      Too Busy       Meet My Family

Group C:       In a Cold, Cold Place         Rain         In the Ocean


 We reviewed and practiced subtraction.  We learned that to find the "difference" (what the answer of a subtraction is called) you subtract the smaller number from the larger number.  So we practiced lining the two numbers up next to each other, finding the same part, the more part, and the fewer part.  We talked about how finding and separating the same part was like taking away the smaller number from the larger number to find the part that is left (the part that is the difference--thus, the answer to  subtraction problem is called the difference.)  It is very hard for children to understand that "How much fewer?" means the difference (or missing part), when they want it to mean "Which number is fewer or less." 

We read books, took the week's spelling test, had PE, etc.  It was Friday and almost the end of September.

Spelling Words for this week:

Next week we will be getting out of school early each day so the teachers can meet with the parents.  Hope to see you all then.

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