Thursday, September 19, 2013

September 19, 2013

See what we're learning.
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Review and give extra help and practice if needed.

Today in first Grade

Phonics:     Today we did the letter Vv.  During phonics practice and through out the days we are always talking about words and their meanings and the way letters work to make words.   Here are just a few of the words we talked about today.

We wrote words with Vv.  We talked about words that sound the same as some of our spelling words.    We related the "ch" to a train to try to remember what sound it a train saying "Ch, ch, ch, ch."  We talked about contractions and how a letter or letters pop out of the words when they are squeezed together.  The children are finding it fun to find contractions in our reading.  We have also compared contractions with compound words to know the difference.  These are all things that we will continue to talk about all year long.

Reading Groups:

Group A:  

Group B:  

Group C:


We started talking about vocabulary words that we use when we are talking about subtraction.  So we did a word sort with these four phrases.  When we counted the days this morning, this was the 25th day of school.  So we changed our collection of daily pennies for a quarter.  Which lead into a discussion about what a quarter is, how it is a fourth of a dollar, and what a fraction is.  I have talked about fractions a little bit on several other days also.

We read lots of books.  We made words with letters.  We practiced our spelling words.

We also read two stories together.  I think the children really enjoy reading together.  We read:  Todd's Box    and      Corn

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