Tuesday, September 10, 2013

September 10, 2013

Today in First Grade


In our phonics today we practiced the letter Pp and made words with p.

Reading Groups

Group A   Fishbowl   Play Ball!

Group B   Rain

Group C   Wonderful Wheat    My Neighborhood


We tried using snap cubes to discover the ways to make the numbers, 6,7,8, and 9.  Drawing the patterns with x's was easier for them to understand than changing the snap cubes.

After lunch some of us worked on learning english with computers while the rest of us read books.
Then we made words with letters (one of our funnest activities.)

We have started working on our math facts.  We talked about how a fact is something that never, ever changes.  A fact is something we can just know.  We must practice our math facts so that we don't need to count or figure them out.  We need to just know them automatically.  We started with the math facts of:

0+0=0   0+1=1   0+2=2   0+3=3  0+4=4   0+5=5   0+6=6   0+7=7  0+8=8   0+9=9   0+10=10

0+11=11    0+12=12

(Please help your children practice and memorize these math facts.  We will soon start the math facts of 1's (where you add one to any number.)

We have a practice spelling test each Tuesday.  Some of the children spelled all the words correctly, but many could not.  Spelling words for this week are:

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