Monday, September 9, 2013

September 9, 2013

Today in First Grade

Phonics    We practiced the letter Nn.  We practiced its sound, how to write it, and making words with the letter n.

Reading Groups:

Group A   My Dinner

Group B   I'm Brave    Living and Nonliving

Group C    Needs    School Then and Now     Long Ago


In math today we learned about tables and charts.    We have been learning ways to make a number, including the turn-around-facts.  Now we put all these ways to make a number in a chart or table.  We talked about several different kinds of tables we could use to do this.  Then we practiced making our own table for the ways to make the number 10.

After lunch we read lots more books, put words together using different letters, learned the new spelling words for the week (listed below),  spent some time on the computers, had PE, and watched our last movie about the moon.  Did you know that the moon used to have volcanoes on it?

 This weeks spelling words are:

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